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Created for Ace Jam 2018.

A  little puzzle/exploration horror game in which you play as a nonbinary panromantic ace who has to find clues in order to piece together a story and figure out how to escape a scary suburban house (and its owners, who want to keep you trapped and make you just. like. them).

Content Warnings: Homophobia, Eye Contact, Loud/Abrupt Sounds.

Streaming is A-OK!

Note: If you open the game and receive the error "RTP is required to run this game," please download and install the RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace here:  http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

Character portraits and title screen were created by my wonderful zucchini, Ace! Please check out their Tumblr! iwouldliketosayhello.tumblr.com

Update 10/29/18: The Suburb: Not Just Dinner is now available as PWYW! If you pay $5 or more, you'll also be able to download a 10-page pdf of original sketches and art, plus a simple item guide and ending guide for the game!
Update 6/10/2020: If you would like a free copy of the PDF, simply email me proof that you purchased the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and I will send you a copy. Send proof of purchase to: owlyvoices@gmail.com


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I think I just fell in love with poor Clide. As a bi person stil in the closet, I can’t express how much I love this game :)


I am in love with this game. What originally drew me to this was the graphics because the characters look so cool! But I stayed for the wonderful characters and the absolutely amazing puns. I can't express how much I appreciate the main character's unwavering self-confidence. You almost never see that with any LGBTQ+ characters. Clide is literally the best and I love him so much. This game manages to stay lighthearted and fun despite the themes but still has a real message and deals with heavy concepts really well. I just love this so much, I can't express it enough.

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This game was so cool! i had a lot of fun playing it but i have some questions!

who was that ghost girl and what was she doing?

Is "Fin" our character the guy that the skeleton boy was in love with? it seemed like that lol but maybe im wrong

Could Our CHaracter and Skieleton boy be a pair later or smth 

maybe xDxD?

that's all thank you for this game 


This game was so funny! So many puns XD. I love how the MC never questioned themself despite everything. I could really relate to the MC so its so amazing to see someone similar to me be so strong and confident <3 If you want to see my personal reaction to it I did make a video. I'd love to see more like this! Thanks so much for making this gem

Please make a second game where you can hangout with Clide, I love this game so much and Clide is honestly the best. I just wanna cook with them and read old books together!! <3

I'm stuck, I made it to the laundry room but got nothing added to my bag and I went into the bedroom and can't find the 2 other passcodes for the drawers. Cant find the secret room either. Can you drop some hints? 

There isn't actually an item to collect in the laundry room; there's just Chad waiting in there to jump out at you.

If using the hints option in the menu doesn't work for you, I can tell you that the three passcodes are found in: the dining room, the second bedroom, and the attic. Check all the closets and doors in the hallway and downstairs, even if you've clicked on them before! :)

Thanks for replying! I did find the passcodes via by watching a let's play! I did beat the game and loved it!


I love this game SO MUCH! The idea of the game is well thought out. and this game sometimes makes me laugh! This game is PANtastic!

Thank you so much!! :D We had a lot of fun working on this game!! So glad you enjoyed it!!!

can you download it on a macos device? Thanks!

The game unfortunately doesn't run on a mac, but I believe there are emulators available that allow you to play windows games on a mac. If you don't want to look for/install those, there are a couple of playthroughs people have made of an earlier version of the game!

These both go through the earliest version of the game, which was missing a few added bits of story that are in the current version, but they still show the main storyline if you're interested in that! :)


i loved all the puns! i left the house but there were no end credits or anything, all i can do now is walk around the outside, is that how it ends or am i missing something?

I'm SO sorry for such a late reply! The version of the game you played was broken, and had a glitch that only occurred if you got a 100% ending. The game has since been updated with the glitch fixed!


I wish I could escape the Straights too lol (also I loved the taz reference) 

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I cannot express how much i love this game! It sheds light on some serious issues most people who are part of LGBT+ go through and turns it into a fun and interesting plot! Although the end bit at the gate did glitch out when i dressed the PC and Clive up as each other, it was still fun to go through the game once more and marvel at how cute and funny it was all in all. <3

this is so good! it's short and sweet and cute and funny and sad and i absolutely loved clive and the pc. <3


this was really fun! i kind of. want more content of clive and the PC. they're both really cute and i wanna see where they go from here!

it was basic, but like. there's nothing wrong with that. it's a fun, punny little rpgmaker story and i'd really recommend it to anyone looking for a good time that has themes of homophobia and transphobia without like. biting and hurting as you/the characters experience it.

12/10 would cry about a skeleton again

(also don't think i didn't see the TAZ reference. it's Good.)

thank you so much! we're really glad you enjoyed the game.

we both fell in love with clive and the PC and their friendship too and definitely have plans for them to return at some point! :D

haha, i'm glad i was able to sneak a TAZ reference in there! ;) thanks for finding it!!


Great job. This is a fun little game.  I really liked the puns and jokes from the main character. 

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! :)


let us be mean to heteros for godssake

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it's nice to see queer people making games containing queer issues, but in my opinion, the presentation of this game unfortunately embodies everything that is wrong with queer identity politics at the moment. extremely shallow characters — flawless queers, unidimensionally flawed straights. the queer issues in the game are also dealt with at a very low level of reflection, merely rehashing the most basic notions of the current cultural discussion about the concept of the gender binary and portraying the conservative side as silly, evil, and without any legitimacy whatsoever. no efforts made to include any internal conflicts, compelling exchange of ideas or anything else that would have given the plot depth. queer and progressive values are not brought into the world by antagonizing heterosexuals and conservatives, my friends.

ok in terms of visuals and music.

gameplay next to non-existent, as in many rpg maker shorts.

wouldn't recommend unless you are a queer person in dire need of self-indulgent empowerment.


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